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Tips to Buying Artwork

Decide whether you are a decorator or an investor. Most people buy art for personal enjoyment or decoration. Purchases are often based on affordability, and what is enjoyed. Often these buyers are first home or unit owners. Investors, however, will buy aiming for financial reward as well as pleasure.

Here the choice is based on what is available and the likelihood of appreciation in the value of the work. Investors generally have the skills to assess the value of the artwork based on style, price, demand, quality and reputa- tion of the artist and the supplier. There is also often the factor of exclusivity and personal satisfaction.

The Art Market - where should I buy my artwork?

Buy decorator art from homeware stores, general auctions or some galleries. These will usually be mass-produced prints, statues or glassware and are priced for the mass-consumption market. Buy investment art from the artist, galleries or art auction houses. These are mostly originals, hand-embellished or limited edition works. Collectors and investors almost invariably source from one or all of these three categories. Limited edition artwork will be dearer than mass-produced items, hand-embellished will be dearer again, and original work will be substantially dearer again.

From the Artist

Buying direct from an artist can be a rewarding experience as there is always the opportunity to learn first-hand about the artwork and get to know a little about the artist. If the art style appeals you may even form a relationship and become a collector of works from that artist.

From a Gallery

Buying from a Gallery gives the advantage of being able to select from a range of art by different artists. Galleries often specialise
by providing art from local, national and international artists or a particular style or period. This saves time and costs for buyers. Artists pay galleries to professionally market their works so they can concentrate on producing the art. Galleries are a favourite source of supply for investors. Artists generally are happy to leave the documentation, display, pricing, recording, marketing, selling and delivering to a Gallery while they get on with producing the artwork. Teaming with a Gallery in this fashion produces the best possible result for the artist and the buyer by saving both parties time and money.

From an Art Auction House

Here you can find the expert collectors. Unlike a Gallery where the price is known in advance, the final price at auction will depend on the demand for the work. Auction attendees are generally very well informed about the values on offer and know the market.


Here at Artnet we present both a physical presence and a website display. Our global exposure ensures you never pay more for any artwork than you would if it was purchased directly from the artist. In fact, due to our many exclusive contractual arrangements, you may even pay less. And we offer free freight on all items delivered within Australia. Couple this with our satisfaction guarantee and we believe we present the best value quality art service possible.
Three Easy Steps to buying 1. Make a selection. 2. Read our terms and delivery info. 3. Go to the shopping cart and pay. See? Easy!

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