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Chris McClelland


With a string of Australian and International credits to his name, Chris McClelland is rather unique in the artworld due to the meticulously fine detail within his artworks. Through the use of graphite, ink and coloured pencils Chris is able to portray incredibly powerful wildlife images. The realism portrayed is stunning. Owning a limited edition print or even a McClelland original is a very rewarding experience.

Chris McClelland is famous for his unique, fine and intricate pencil drawings of African and Australian wildlife. Though Chris has had no formal art training, his natural talent for drawing was recognised early and he has developed a strong understanding of animal behaviour from observing Australian native animals.

He has made many trips to Africa, witnessing the powerful and unstoppable force of nature. Here he began writing reviews and drawing wildlife and lodges for The African Safari Magazine. Africa stimulated his sense of sight, smell and sound and he “found its heartbeat deafening.”

No other place on earth has the variety and numbers of such visible wildlife. Chris spends hours studying his subjects in their natural habitat, observing their movements, and noting the interactions between predator and prey. He uses sketches, photographs, video footage and his own well-honed powers of observation as reference to accurately portray the behaviour and anatomy of his animals. He draws them with such fine detail that many of his drawings take up to 350 hours to complete.

Coming from the land and pioneering stock, he believes that the spirit of the Australian bush and the African Bushveld is a part of him, and he finds it easy to become one with it. Chris is now receiving many awards in Australia and on the international stage for his extraordinarily detailed wildlife drawings using graphite and coloured pencils.

His Original drawings and Limited Edition Prints are greatly sought after by discerning collectors.

  • Beautiful arrangement - some stunning works.

    Les & Lesley D from Houston, Texas
  • Extremely well appointed gallery containing outstanding works.

    Robert & Margaret R from Brisbane
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