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David Calrow


Certainly unique in approach and execution, David would be one of our hottest tips for investors and collectors. His works are done in a meticulous manner, often with eight to ten layers of pigment. Vibrant colours, intriguing subjects (all embracing his own philosophy), and many works which exhibit three-dimensional properties when using 3D glasses. Securing an original is rare. They sell rather quickly.

David Calrow's art is very difficult to classify. He has his own way of combining images to produce sympathetic/empathetic interpretations which reflect his impressions of a concept.
Whilst his work reflects a great deal of thought and pre-planning, he still remains a solitary being and has not sought any publicity. His work is produced in isolation and he prefers to be left to his own devices. From our point of view he has achieved great works representative of his inner attitude to art.

David follows no current trend and prefers to work to his own pace. We have had some difficulty in getting him to display his work openly and the few showings we have persuaded him to have have been difficult to classify to say the least. However, his art is not for everyone as he has pointed out on many occasions. If you like it you'll buy. If not, so what.

And yet he has a faithful, committed and appreciative following and we are proud to represent him in our collective of fine painters. David is motivated by looking at the world as he sees it and all things made by the evolution of the world/universe is special to him. His love of beauty is his motivation and he finds satisfaction in painting that which he finds beautiful from lizards to irises, from cataclysm to creation.
After many discussions with David he remains a person of very persuasive convictions, and condemns quite openly and honestly. However any skepticism is easily overridden by his optimism. He is, after all, the ultimate optimist. His passion for the finer atttributes of humankind living in concert with the environment is to the fore. At heart he still very much remains an artist who will dedicate limitless time to conveying a thought or concept reflecting his inner beliefs. His art is not for everyone who needs pretty, huggy pics to adorn their walls but those who want a fresh look at life.
David produces magnificent paintings mostly in watercolour (his preferred medium) because of the flexibility it allows him. Recently he has experimented with acrylics but time is always an ignored factor and he will still spend up to 6 months on a single project.
Limited editions are just that - 95 only and that's that! He refuses to allow more and will only allow reproductions to be made using a quality giclee process which is guaranteed for 100 years. He uses only the best in everything he produces.
Please explore his work and look beyond.
We love his artistry and we hope you will too.


  • What an amazing variety of quality art.

    Julie R from Yarraville, Melbourne
  • A glorious feast of creativity and colour, breathtaking! Thank you.

    Freya D from Chillingham
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