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Robert Todonai


Robert Todonai's paintings of Australian life and landscapes have been much admired throughout Australia and internationally for over three decades. Many of his works are in the style of Frederick McCubbin, though he also excels with impressionistic work in the style of Pierre-August Renoir. An exceptional painter with many credits to his name, a Todonai painting is a great investment. He was recently inducted into the Bradford Exchange Hall of Fame as the first artist ever given this honour.

Todonai is primarily a painter of Australian myths and legends. He works in a traditional style and his work is characterised by an impressionistic approach. In the tradition of Australian impressionism, Todonai's paintings are concerned with national iconic images which have helped to create ideals of character and identity unique to Australia.

It is this imagery which constitutes much of our Australian mythology and it is equally as important within contemporary society as it was over a century ago, so Todonai's paintings are always imbued with a character and presence with which most Australians readily identify.

Among the artist's favourite subjects within this genre is the image of the Australian bushman, often represented as the swagman or drover. It was due to his affinity with this subject that Todonai was chosen as a feature artist at the Waltzing Matilda Centenary Exhibition (jointly with Hugh Sawrey, another artist renowned for this type of art) held in Winton, Queensland in 1995 and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the writing of Banjo Patterson's famous poem.

Another subject of profound significance to the Australian image is that of the soldiers of the Gallipoli campaign - the Anzacs. The international company the Bradford Exchange recently commissioned Robert Todonai to paint a series of artworks celebrating the spirit of Gallipoli. These works are featured on a series of commemorative items honouring the Heroes of Gallipoli.

Australia is known as a sporting nation and Todonai has painted a number of works illustrating sporting events and heroes in such areas as motor racing, horse racing and cricket. He also held a solo exhibition in Adelaide in 1990 entitled Sport of Kings, devoted to horse racing in that city.

With many solo and joint exhibitions to his credit, as well as recognition from publishers and art critics, a Todonai painting is a sound investment.


  • A glorious feast of creativity and colour, breathtaking! Thank you.

    Freya D from Chillingham
  • What an amazing variety of quality art.

    Julie R from Yarraville, Melbourne
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