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Can Daflon cure varicose veins? The role of Daflon 500 mg in the treatment of symptomatic patients with varicose veins. One of several theories put forward as a possible cause of varicose veins (VV) is primary valve dysfunction, which can be congenital or acquired.
What Daflon good for? It is believed daflon is a venotonic (it increases venous tone) and a vasculoprotector (it increases resistance in small blood vessels). It is used experimentally for treating Chronic venous insufficiency and for treating Hemorrhoidal diseases.
Is Daflon a prescription drug? Daflon is not an FDA-approved medication, meaning that it cannot be advertised for treatment of diseases. Also diosmiplex, which is also a MPFF (micronized purified flavonoid fraction), with similar venous insufficiency indication, is a prescription medication in the US.
What are the side effects of Daflon 500? Symptoms (sensation of swelling, of tension, pain, heavy leg sensation, and restless legs) were significantly improved by Daflon 500 mg from month 2 (P<0.001). No treatment-related side effects were reported and the acceptability was considered excellent by most patients.
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