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A Golden Moment Regent Bowerbird by Katherine Castle
This painting was inspired by one of the most beautiful sights I have ever witnessed. I was up very early walking in the rainforest in the Lamington National Park on the SE Queensland border.  It was a perfect morning. The mountains bathed in light in the background, birds singing and leaves glistening. A male Regent Bowerbird flashed across in front of me, the brilliant yellow wings catching the light. He alighted on a branch in front of me briefly before flying off. I remembered this scene vividly and used it to create my painting adding another pair of bowerbirds and painting “Ships Stern” a mountain in the Lamington National Park in the background.
A Moment In Time Superb Fairy Wren by Katherine Castle
"This is a painting to remember my sister’s farm at Rolland’s Plain on the NSW Mid-North Coast. An idyllic place and one I miss now, not being able to visit since it’s sale. I painted a scene I saw many a time there, the Superb Fairy Wrens are prolific and always used to gather on the fence line in the long grasses. Not having wrens in my own yard at that time. I would go there and spend hours wandering the paddocks, following the fairy-wrens around to photograph them. This day all I had to do was sit in the long grass and watch a family amuse themselves on a fence together for ages.  This is the scene as I remembered it."
A Shy Australian by Chris McClelland
Limited Edition Giclee Prints signed and numbered of 300 only
Afternoon At Minyon Falls Kookaburras by Katherine Castle
The beautiful Laughing Kookaburra, uniquely Australian and very dear to me and many Aussie’s alike. I have woken to the sound of them every morning for many years, which never fails to delight me. I have painted many of them but it was time to do a major work in oils of them. Afternoon at Minyon Falls is named after a memorable day at the beautiful Minyon Falls on the NSW North Coast. After a ten kilometre walk to the base of the falls and back we finished up the day with a picnic. At the opening of the picnic basket we were suddenly surrounded by eight or so watchful kookaburras, looking out for any signs of a scrap. They stayed there till we departed giving me the wonderful opportunity to photograph and sketch them close-up in the afternoon light. This painting features in the Maxwell and Williams Australian Birds Series 1 release of fine bone mugs and plates as well as coasters and placemats.
Allure Azure Kingfisher by Katherine Castle
For me this painting is not only a study of the beautiful and simply stunning Azure Kingfisher but it is also a study in light and colour. My aim was to create depth with colour and tone and a sense of light in the painting. Although simple there is many layers of colour and many hours of work in this painting, it is one of my favourite paintings so far. I have studied and photographed the kingfisher from my mother’s place, she lives on the Hastings river and often I stand on the little wharf and wait, sometimes all you can see is a brilliant flash of blue as they dart under the wharf before resting on a branch overhanging the water to wait and watch quietly for their prey.
An Aussie Good Morning Magpies by Katherine Castle
One of the most beautiful sounds is the morning warbling of a magpie. This painting was inspired by the magpies I heard every morning for years on my early morning walks in the beautiful area I lived in, the Byron Bay Hinterland. One day I found an injured baby and took it home to care for it. The nature and the personality is amazing. He pretty much followed me everywhere. Once his insatiable appetite was satisfied he would get as close to me as possible, never wanting to be alone, jumping up on my lap and snuggling in for warmth and comfort. He would stand practicing his warbling for hours, some wonderful and very interesting sounds emanating from him, and very shaky renditions of a developed magpies warbling.
Babylon Revisited by David Calrow
A combination of war images collected from Iraq and the destruction of the environment with an exploding sky set against a black ominous cloudy canvas. I don't usually paint disaster or catastrophe but I made this an exception. A comment if you like but this war was just another imposition of power gone quite mad.
Bamburgh Castle by David Calrow
Set in a foggy landscape with respect for history. This particular castle has an interesting history. Worthy of historical research if you are interested.
Bird Of Paradise by David Calrow
A beautiful flower set against an oversized leaf. That's it.
Boating Near The Blossoms by Robert Todonai
Viewed through a spray of cherry blossoms, I have depicted an idyllic scene in which a couple enjoy a pleasant afternoon boating on the river. It is not a painting of a definite place that I have seen, but pure fantasy, combining elements of both western and eastern affinities.
Chinese Junk by David Calrow
This junk sits peacefully on a becalmed sea awaiting the slightest breeze. The crew sit about perhaps contemplating their lives back home with Mao at the real helm of China.
Circular Quay by Robert Todonai
Circular Quay - Old Sydney - circa 1910 Although this painting is small it is packed with detail. I have depicted a scene at old Circular Quay, Sydney at around the turn of last century. It is an everyday scene as I imagine it, dry and dusty, and full of the bustle of everyday life, with horses and carts rumbling along the streets, and the ferries going to and fro accross the harbour. I like to paint this era of Australian history, as it was the time during which some of the most enduring imagery of Australian identity was formed. Also it reminds me of an era when life was simpler and more wholesome than it is today.
Cock Fight by David Calrow
Bloodsport turned to colourful spectacle. Onlookers dressed for a party appearing colourful but anonymous at the same time. I wouldn't want to be recognised either.
Colour Carnival Rainbow Lorikeets by Katherine Castle
I have always loved the personality of the lorikeet, their raucous, noisy behaviour, always interacting with each other, talking, screeching, sometimes arguing, other times delicately preening each other, hanging in acrobatic poses upside down and sideways. I wanted to convey their personality through my painting and that was my primary aim along with colour. Each lorikeet in the painting I gave a distinct personality, I even named them as I was painting them. This group of lorikeets comes from Avoca on the NSW Central Coast. I visit a friend there and delight in the visitors to the balcony that come to feed on the lorikeet mix my friend leaves for them. At times they try to steal from my plate if I am distracted with no fear whatsoever. I have set them on the branches of the bottlebrush, one of the many native flowers that attract them.
Crimson Rosella Country by Katherine Castle
Every few months I drive to the spectacular Lamington National Park in South East Queensland. The views on the drive are amazing, seeing far to the west on one side and across the rainforest to the coast on the other. This painting came about from one of these drives. There were countless flashes of crimson as Rosellas flew through the forest on the drive. I drove to O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat and hand feed the Rosellas, their friendly trusting nature allowing them to interact with humans, landing on heads, delighting children and adults alike. The background is a scene not far from O’Reillys looking over the forest towards the coast.
Day Break Azure Kingfishers by Katherine Castle
Desert Building by David Calrow
This abandoned building in the outback struck me as a monument to a brave but unsuccessful attempt at progress in the desert wilderness. It is a building for the Independent Order of Oddfellows somewhere in Western Australia.
Dimensions by David Calrow
An impression of the 4th or mystical dimension which cannot be drawn in the 3rd dimension but imposes upon the viewer the truth that all life is a product of the cosmos and perhaps can be seen as a statement of the commonality we share with one another. A fact we can never escape from.
Dragon by David Calrow
The Dragon forms part of the Chinese/oriental astrological symbolism. It has in its claw the elusive pearl of wisdom. This symbol is a benevolent one as opposed to similar dragons from the west which were represented as fearsome and fear-provoking.
Eastern Quoll by Chris McClelland
Limited Edition Giclee Prints signed and numbered of 300 onlyColoured Pencil - Original drawing has been sold
Fritillaria by David Calrow
This beautiful flower originates in the Himalayas and took many hours to paint but I enjoyed the experience.
Godhead by David Calrow
As evolution progresses so too the creatures we live with. This painting suggests that sometime in the future a group of disparate lizards encounter a stone carving of a lizard left through the eons of time and they rediscover it on the floor of a leaf-strewn jungle carpet. They surround the carving with a slowly developing intelligence but this is beyond them at this time. The result is that the carving becomes a deity. A familiar theme when one considers how humans defy that which we don't understand.
Green Camelion by David Calrow
This quite remarkable lizard is painted as it truly is. This creature is endowed with the most amazing colours and looks just as it is apinted - believe it or not. The flowers are found only in Madegaskar. It is truly a beautiful wonder. Prints of all sizes have been sent to collectors and this work has proven to be one of my most popular paintings.
Green Sea Dragon by David Calrow
A suggestive interpretation of the future for this amazing sea dweller. Is this a monument to its having existed? Highly detailed, simulated ceramic tiled background taken from the re-constructed tiled walls of Babylon now in Germany.
Heed The Warning Red Tailed Black Cockatoos by Katherine Castle
I wanted to create a painting to show the magnificence of both the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo and Mount Warning and the surrounding mountains. My inspiration came from a trip to the Border Ranges and a walk called “The Pinnacle Walk” which takes you to a viewing point that looks across at Mount Warning, far to the valley below and all the way to the coast across the mountains, it is simply spectacular. I imagined when these birds were prolific there, in contrast to their rarity now, and I imagined them taking off from the trees over the valley, flying and screeching, the red tail of the male a contrast against the green and blue. The painting is the largest I have done to give justice to the scene.
Heron by David Calrow
This bird has attitude.
Iguana Plan by David Calrow
A possible future lament for extinct species. This painting explores mankind's futile attempt to recreate a lost species. Almost impossible is my guess. What do you think?
Imperial Hotel by David Calrow
This hotel (The Imperial) has been transported back to a time when these establishments were like oases in the outback. This hotel appears to be deserted as I have attempted to show its apparent lack of patronage because of the second world war when all available manpower was away fighting. The posters on the fence relate to the motion pictures of the period. You can bet there were no poker machines there!
Iris by David Calrow
Yet another flower. There's not much to say about flowers except to appreciate their individuality and beauty.
Italianate Flowers by David Calrow
This painting represents to me an example of how this subject would be painted during the renaissance. An interesting exercise.
Lizard Mosaic by David Calrow
Using a simulated mosaic effect for the background I have attempted to suggest an old country comparing the mosaics of Pompeii with the white tree trunks representing the ancient columns of Greece etc. The history of Australia goes back much, much further but I have attempted to show the frill-necked lizard emerging from this background in real life. The past is always with us.
Lizard with Leaves by David Calrow
This is the Eastern Water Dragon common to Australia, and it is harmless. To me its countenance is benign with an expression reminiscent of the Mona Lisa. You may think otherwise, but worth exploring.
Madagascar Rococo by David Calrow
This colourful and enigmatic chameleon is placed within a red rococo shell and you need to explore the image for detail. The lines of the mosaic of the body and rococo shell follow in tandem to complement each other.
Obtrusion by David Calrow
Obtrusion means the thrusting forward of uninvited interference. The background is full of balloons and streamers that demonstrate the obtrusive and uncalled for nature of human invasion upon the environment. It is human thoughtlessness that is represented by the colourful party we seem to be having regardless of the creatures with which we share this small planet.
Paddle Steamer Pevensey by Robert Todonai
Paddle Steamer Pevensey on the Murray River. This painting depicts the paddle steamer Pevensey making its way along the Murray River, having departed from the wharf at Echuca. It is bound for a distant sheep station to take on a cargo of wool bales. At this period in Australia's history, before the system of Locks was constructed along the Murray, the water level was unreliable. The paddlesteamers had to get the job done quickly, or else they could be stranded for months waiting for the water to rise again.  
Pieta by David Calrow
I spent exactly six months on this painting. It comes from an idea that the loss of son is a very heart-rending event regardless of any particular culture. I chose the Michelangelo marble version as the basis of the painting but where traditionally the grieving mother was Mary, in this painting it is a grieving Aboriginal. There is no gender implied, but I have attempted to draw into the theme an embracing gum tree and an empathetic Australian lizard in the foreground. This is an attempt to draw the viewer to the grief of the moment but is not meant to engender any political statement whatsoever.
Pilgrim by David Calrow
Representing the folly of random evolution set against a background of an electron photograph of exploding sub-atomic particles. A fun hypothesis of the ever-changing passage through eons of time of a mutating species.
Quiet Evening by Robert Todonai
The theme of this painting is peace. It is painted from memory, shows a group of horses in a grassy paddock in the Tweed Valley of Northern New South Wales, not far from my studio. The sun is sinking over the distant hills, casting a ruddy glow in the evening sky. The horses stand quietly in their paddock as another day draws to its close.
Rainforest Lizard by David Calrow
This is a dark image but that is the environment in which it survives. Are the little spots of colour in the background natural phenomena or perhaps something more sinister depicting the coming of the modern expanding environment of humankind?
Red Ginger by David Calrow
A very colourful flower. A flower is a flower is a flower.
Scarlet Honeyeaters by Katherine Castle
This painting was done for the Maxwell and Williams “Birds of Australia Range” Series 2. When asked to paint some more works for the new series I was so pleased when Maxwell and Williams went for my suggestion of Scarlet Honeyeaters. At that stage I was delighting to their frequent but fleeting visits to my backyard and was keen to do a study of them. I lived on an acreage at Rosebank on the NSW North Coast for years and recently moved closer to town. I thought I was going to miss the birdlife of the country but was surprised to find that an even greater variety than previous was in my new backyard. Wrens abound, kookaburra, lorikeets, rosellas, corellas, buzzards, cockatoos and silvereye to name a few. This painting is comprised of several of these photos taken in my backyard in the branches of a grevillia.
Sea Dragon 1 by David Calrow
Hard to imagine that such a creature could even exist. But nature has a habit of tricking us in the same way the Sea Dragon uses camouflage to blend in with its surroundings to trick predators. Here I have stylised a cut-away illustration to show that despite the improbable odds of survival for such a creature, life goes on.
Silver Thistle by David Calrow
I really enjoyed this particular flower. I like the subtlety of the leaves which I found to be a challenge at the time as I usually love to use colour. A lot of time was spent building the form of the leaves by very light washes of grey.
Sitting Pretty Superb Fairy Wren by Katherine Castle
There was a male wren strutting around my garden one day, that inspired me to paint this painting. He was proud and determined and very full of himself, fighting off the other males and sitting pretty, displaying himself to the many females. The Bottlebrushes were in full bloom. I wanted to make the painting simple, highlighting the male and the bottlebrush and keeping the background and colours muted.
Snowy Mountains Ponies by Robert Todonai
This painting depicts a pair of wild ponies from the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. They are shown walking between some of the distinctive gum trees of that area, as they make their way down to the distant creek for their morning drink. The morning light flows over them, highlighting the russet colours in their coats, and creating an interesting play of light and dark accents in the foreground. The Snowy Mountains and its tough breed of horses  was made famous in Banjo Patterson's classic and inspiring poem, The Man from Snowy River. Such Australian mythology is what motivates most of my artwork. 
Tarsia by David Calrow
This very small mammal lives mainly on insects but its eyes are captivating and look like large moons. Most children love it and I have sold many prints of all sizes in a limited edition.
Thorny Devil by David Calrow
I have attempted to show this very small ant-eating lizard in its very arid environment to which it is inextricably linked. I have painted the subject in a mosaic form with the suggestion of its connection to the heat of the mosaic desert landscape. The background mosaic flows and is part of the creature itself - thus the link.
Timeless by David Calrow
Very happy with this painting. Here I depict the passage of time as shown by the contrast between the building in the background slowly crumbling to ruins and highliting the folly of humankind seeking perpetuity compared to the ever-present ever-evolving lizards calmly basking on the fence and soaking up the sun - doing what nature intended. How swiftly does man's glory fade. The title of this work - Timeless - says it all.
Tropical Red by David Calrow
This flower belongs to the orchid family and the richness of the colours are meant to brighten up wherever it is placed.
Voltaire by David Calrow
Here we have a mansion of human reason, myth, art and legend with Voltaire seated upon a throne. The statue at the entrance of the mansion is Ganymede and Zeus as he adores and prepares to carry away the youth he loves. The mansion will become larger as time moves forward. In the foreground however, life goes on unperturbed by human existence and remains oblivious to the wonders of humankind.
Waratah by David Calrow
The incredibly beautiful New South Wales State floral emblem. The original was presented to Her Excellency, The Governor, Marie Bashir and now prominently hangs in Government House in Sydney.
Warrior by David Calrow
This painting shows a Papuan warrior in full ceremonial adornment. The viewer could also assume that this warrior is straight from the jungle but has he had a university education and are the spectacles he wears merely a found object? It doesn't always pay to assume.
Water Dragon by David Calrow
A snapshot of this lizard seeking shelter in a tree. He really is aware of your presence!
Wattle Time Wrens by Katherine Castle
“Wattle Time” was inspired by the delightful wrens that live at my place and the wattle that was blooming at the time. The opportunities to photograph and observe the wrens were endless with several males each morning coming to fight with their reflections on my tinted windows with me standing unseen, just there, on the other side with a camera. I just loved working on the tiny little feathers and building the detail, making the birds come out at you and look real and soft and feathery. I have always loved wattle, probably stemming from the wattle at my grandmothers place and this year the blooms were especially striking, a prelude to a summer to come.
Whitby Abbey by David Calrow
A product of the Tudor times when structures of this kind were destroyed through religious bigotry and hatred. It serves as a silent reminder of the folly of such prejudice.
  • A gallery vibrant with light and colour!

    Margot A from Murwillumbah
  • Truly inspiring works of the stuff dreams are made of. Most grateful for the experience.

    Sally P from Brisbane
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